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Games Driven Psychometrics - Precision Education with Precision Psychology

Exploring Student Psychology by using Data Science, AI, Blockchain, and Extraordinary Games

About us

Some words about us

We work to innovate the field of Eductech, Fintech, and Games. Digital Data Driven Psychology is our main focus. GamiMatricz has vision to provide students with exciting role play games to help their teachers to understand them.

  • Games - Rich AAA standards Games
  • Social Credit Scores - Blockchain based crypto currency
  • Big and Fast Data - Make sense of games data
  • KYS: Dashboard - Rich Dashboard for Stakeholders
  • Chatbot - Chatbot for students to communicate

Take a look at KYS: Know Your Students

We are destined to innovate, produce and deliver the complex psychometrics solutions. We are mainly focus on Blockchain, Games Development, Big Data Analysis, AI and Data Science. We are expert in software architecture based on monolithical design as well as micorservices. Technology we are using are Java, JavaFx, Unreal Engine

RPG Games

RPG games with AAA standards for Psychometrics. We are building Games to uncover Students' Behavioural Psychology .

Rich Client Platform

Rich Client Platform with JavaFx is used to present Stakeholders specific Dashboards

Data Processing

We use your data and make it understanable and manage your complex planning issues. We are using big data processing by using R, weka, H2O.ai, apache kafka, deeplearning4j.

Research and Development

We are research oriented company and having the culture of continous Research and Development. We focus on Data Managemnet, Constraint planning, Complex system development

Our Technologies experties

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GamiMatricz-KYS. always welcome the techies and people who want to have innovative ideas to mature. We are based in Pakistan as well as in Malaysia.

Email dataworx360@gmail.com or Call us +92-334-4777-347